Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Employment Law

The expert team of our office in the field of labor law provides legal support to employers and employees in all matters related to labor and social security law. Starting from the preparation of the human resources policies and procedures of our employer clients, we maintain a continuous coordination in daily contact with the relevant departments and managers of the company.

Company Establishment

Manyas Law Office provides the most reliable legal support for company establishments, organization of general assemblies, preparation and amendment of company articles of association, share transfers, company management agreements between partners, cancellation of general assembly resolutions, preparation of preliminary examinations and legal infrastructures, obtaining necessary administrative permits and similar transactions. provides all the necessary legal support to do so.

Family Law

Manyas Law Firm ensures that the family institution, which is the most important building block of the society, will leave the individuals with the least damage; It provides legal services to its clients on issues such as the preparation of property separation agreements before marriage, situations during marriage, divorce, post-marriage property division, child custody, consensual divorce, recognition and enforcement of decisions taken abroad.

Citizenship Law

Manyas Law Office provides work permits, residence permits, etc. required for foreign citizens in Turkey. provides all kinds of legal assistance services for the execution of other legal proceedings. Our team provides the most appropriate legal solution for their problems while communicating with its clients and institutions in a healthy and efficient manner, thanks to its members who speak foreign languages.

Press Law

Manyas Law Firm provides services to its clients regarding the media law that protects the information and press units, which have become very important recently, for rebuttal, determination of personal rights violations and compensation cases, the execution of criminal proceedings arising from the relevant situation, the preparation of domain transactions and related contracts, digital advertising and marketing services. copyrights in digital media, etc. It offers a variety of services on the subject.

Contract Law

Our law firm has expertise in partnership agreements, supply agreements, international distribution agreements, joint cooperation agreements, franchise agreements, agency agreements, construction agreements, loan agreements, license agreements, employment agreements, management, consultancy and service agreements.

Maritime Law

Manyas Law Firm provides legal assistance and consultancy services in all matters to domestic and foreign companies in the field of maritime law. He especially assists his clients in maritime commercial law, maritime transport, maritime personnel management, international contracts and universal maritime law practices.

Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

Manyas law provides services to companies, especially in corporate execution, with its experienced staff and the ability to establish organizations in the regions, using the developing technology, and brings the relevant problems of its clients to a conclusion as soon as possible. We provide services with our expert and experienced staff in matters such as enforcement proceedings, dealing with cases arising from executions, mortgage application, converting mortgages into money.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our team, in mergers and acquisitions, provides legal status and risk assessment (Due Diligence), merger agreements, joint venture agreements, consortium agreements, share transfer agreements, share pledge agreements, It provides support in the preparation, amendment, analysis and negotiation of voting agreements, domination and shareholder agreements, and obtaining all necessary permits and licenses in this process.

Our office provides its clients with trademarks, patents, industrial design, geographical indications, integrated circuit topographies, copyright, trade secrets, computer software, products and services in the field of research and business development activities, and ideas, processes, other intellectual and industrial property belonging to their production and presentation. It provides support for the registration and protection of the values subject to it.

Defence Industry

Manyas Law Firm provides consultancy and legal representation services to institutions of all sizes in the field of defense industry.

Personal Data Protection Law (GDPR)

As Manyas Law Office, with our expert team and solution partners, we provide analytical services to our clients on the analysis of companies and individual businesses, determination of their needs, providing awareness training, preparation of documents that are needed and that may be required, and fulfillment of the obligations of data controllers within the scope of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698. We provide solution-oriented and reliable service.

Shipbuilding Industry

Manyas Law Firm provides consultancy and legal representation services to leading companies in the shipbuilding industry with its experienced and specialized team. Our team, which approaches legal problems from multiple perspectives, aims to provide economical and efficient solutions suitable for the sector.

Deregistration of Ship Abroad and Liquidation of Company

Manyas Law Firm carries out all the procedures in official offices meticulously, following the laws and regulations, starting from the transfer phase of the title deed, to the valuation of the real estate to be purchased, from the residence permit to the citizenship application and then to the citizenship in order to acquire citizenship in Turkey by investing in real estate.

Residence and Citizenship Abroad

Manyas Law Office provides legal consultancy and legal representation services to people who want to settle abroad or who want to become a citizen of another country. Thanks to our foreign language-speaking team members and international connections, the desired result is achieved in the shortest time possible.

Investing Abroad

Our team specialized in Foreign Direct Investment legislation, including companies, branches, liaison offices, representative offices, know-how, licensing agreements, signing of dealership and distributorship agreements, implementation of build-operate-state model for many foreign investors who want to operate in Turkey. It provides all kinds of legal support in the field of investment, especially in the field of investment. Our team members who speak foreign languages ensure a healthy and efficient work in direct communication with the clients.