Personal Data Protection Law

Personal Data Protection Law (GDPR)

Personal Data Protection Law

As Manyas Law, with our expert team and solution partners, we provide analytical services to our clients regarding the analysis of companies and individual businesses, determination of their needs, providing awareness trainings, preparation of documents that are needed and that may be heard, and fulfillment of the obligations of data controllers within the scope of the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data, We provide solution-oriented and reliable service.

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What Is GDPR ?

KVKK means the Law on the Protection of Personal Data. The purpose of the law is to protect all kinds of personal information. The important thing is not to prevent or prohibit the use of data, but to use it by the right people and to get permission from the data owner.

With the development and spread of technology, the concept and subject of “protecting personal data” has become critical for individuals, institutions and companies. “Data protection” has become important in terms of protecting the rights and freedoms of individuals, as well as the security of institutions and companies, and the protection of other legal rights.

The Law on the Protection of Personal Data, which entered into force a while ago, determined the legal framework, personal and corporate responsibilities as well as obligations regarding the protection of personal data. Thus, with the law, regulations have been introduced on who will process the data for what purposes, how it will be used, how and when it will be deleted.

Services We Provide in the Field of GDPR in Turkey

Some of the services provided by Manyas Law Firm in the field of personal data protection law are as follows:

  • Providing and Documenting Trainings on the Protection of Personal Data Law, 
  • Preparation of Personal Data Retention and Disposal Policy, 
  • Preparation of Personal Data Processing and Protection Policy 
  • Preparation of Clarification Texts, Explicit Consent Texts and Other Required Forms, 
  • Preparation of Personal Data Inventory and Keeping It Up-to-Date, 
  • Making Your VERBIS Registration and Keeping It Up-to-Date, 
  • Making a Legal and Technical Situation Evaluation by Attending Your Periodic Meetings 
  • Detection of Data to be Destroyed, 
  • Examining Your Company’s Existing Documents and Contract Formats and Adding Required KVKK Clauses, 
  • Arrangement of KVKK Clauses of Customer, Supplier and Other Third Party Contracts, 
  • Determining Your Company’s Technical Risk Situation by Conducting GAP Analysis, 
  • Creating Data Responsibility Tasks and Definitions, 
  • Informing the Company about the Changes in the KVKK Legislation and Implementations and Taking Actions by Determining the Necessary Updates, 
  • Answering Your Questions About Your Daily Operations and Operations, Making Necessary Arrangements and Providing Legal Opinions, 

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Obligations of Companies under the Law on Protection of Personal Data

  • Registering and keeping up to date with the Data Controllers Registry 
  • Preparing and updating personal data processing inventory 
  • Clarifying the relevant persons and making the necessary updates in the clarification texts 
  • Taking administrative and technical measures regarding the security of personal data 
  • Prepare personal data retention and destruction policy 
  • Keeping personal data for legal periods and periodically destroying it 
  • Responding to applications addressed to the company 
  • Obtaining explicit consent and making necessary updates to the express consent texts,
  • Providing awareness training to employees
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