Contract Law

Contract Law

Contract Law

As Manyas Law, we provide services in all kinds of contracts to be prepared in order to secure the business relations of our clients, to determine mutual rights and obligations, and to regulate the expectations of the parties from each other.

Our law firm has expertise in partnership agreements, supply agreements, international distribution agreements, joint cooperation agreements, franchise agreements, agency agreements, construction agreements, loan agreements, license agreements, employment agreements, management, consultancy and service agreements.

Services Provided in the Contract Area

Some of the services provided by Manyas Law in the field of Contract Law are as follows:

  • Rental and sub-lease agreements for properties, 
  • Necessary contracts for construction companies, 
  • Franchising agreements, 
  • Purchase-sale, work, work, surety, agency, distributorship, subscription agreements 
  • Consulting contracts, 
  • Timeshare contracts, 
  • warranty contracts, 
  • Real estate sales promise contracts, 
  • shareholding agreements, 
  • service contracts, 
  • Mortgage, loan, inheritance division agreements, 
  • partnership, insurance, arbitration, power of attorney, authorization agreements, 
  • Architecture, copyright, leasing, license, 
  • International distribution, exception, 
  • Sponsorship, package tour, 
  • hospital admission, 
  • Company Articles of Association (Main Contract), 
  • Foundation and association establishment, 
  • Protection of commercial confidentiality and trade secrets, 
  • E-commerce sales, brand and patent term use, 
  • Uncontested divorce, premarital property regime determination and marriage contracts

What is the Main (Main) Contract

Companies with legal personality are diversified as joint stock, limited liability, commandite, collective and cooperative companies according to the purpose and means of establishment. The naming of these commercial companies is carried out within the scope of the Turkish Commercial Code. The structure called the company’s articles of association is a document prepared while the company was still in the establishment phase.

This document contains the names of the founders of the company, the trade name of the company, its subject, purpose, headquarters, the distribution of the profit to be obtained, the methods to be followed by the company’s general assembly; It is a document prepared in written form by all partners within the company and signed by the Trade Registry Office. It is not possible for a company that does not have a company’s articles of association to start making a profit as a legal entity. This contract is generally known as a contract that frames the partners, their capital shares, relations with third parties outside the company, and protects the rights and obligations of the partners at the same time.

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