Residence and Citizenship Abroad

Residence and Citizenship Abroad

Residence and Citizenship Abroad

Manyas Law Office provides legal consultancy and legal representation services to people who want to settle abroad or who want to become a citizen of another country. Thanks to our team members who speak foreign languages and our international connections, the desired result is achieved in the shortest time possible.

Services We Provide in the Field of Residence and Citizenship Abroad

Some of the services provided by Manyas Law in the field of residence and citizenship abroad are as follows:

  • Determining the type of visa to be applied, preparing the documents and making the application,
    • Start-up Visa
    • Innovator Visa
    • Global Talent Visa
    • Skilled Worker Visa
    • Family Visa
    • Graduate Visa
  • Preparing the necessary documents for the residence permit visa and making the application,
  • Preparing the necessary documents for the work permit visa and making the application,
  • Preparing the necessary documents for citizenship application and making the application,
  • Preparation of forms and petitions,
  • Consular procedures
    • Passport renewal procedures,
    • Identity renewal processes,
    • Notary transactions,
    • Transactions related to birth or death,
    • Marriage proceedings,

Start-up Visa

The Start-up visa, which is available in the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Canada, United Arab Emirates and many countries, is a special visa for entrepreneurs who will set up their own business for the first time. Anyone over the age of 18 can apply for a Start-up visa. The application can be made individually or with a group of entrepreneurs in a joint business plan. Applicants must have a business idea that is innovative, reliable and open to growth and must be evaluated, approved and supported by a government designated agency in the UK prior to application.


Start-up visa has evaluation criteria based on points system. There are certain points that the officer evaluating your visa application will look at in your file and the points he will give depending on these points. The result of the decision on your visa usually comes within 3 to 8 weeks. This period may differ depending on the country of application.

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UK Start-up Visa

If you want to start a business in the UK, you must first have an innovative business idea and make a difference with your business plan. With this visa, you can grow your business by staying in the UK for 2 years. In addition, this visa allows you to both start your own business in the UK and work in a different job. A residence permit can also be obtained for spouses and children.


What is Required for a UK Startup Visa?

  • Meet the English language requirement (at least B2 level),
  • Ability to prove that you have sufficient personal savings to support yourself while in the UK (must have at least £1270 in bank account prior to application)
  • Innovative business plan



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