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Press Law

Press Law

Manyas Law Firm provides its clients with rebuttal, determination of personal rights violations and compensation cases, execution of criminal proceedings arising from the relevant situation, press employment contracts in relation to informatics, which has become very important with the recent development in the field of press law, and media law, which maintains its importance in our country. and other contracts, domain transactions and related contracts, digital advertising and copyrights in digital media, etc. It offers a variety of services on the subject.

Our team, which closely follows the constantly changing legal regulations, especially within the framework of the technological developments in the last period, keeps itself up-to-date on this issue and offers relevant consultancy services.

Services We Provide in the Field of Press Law

Some of the services provided by Manyas Law in the field of Press Law are as follows:

  • Providing legal consultancy and advocacy support to television and radio channels
  • Opening and following up lawsuits in legal disputes with RTÜK and other media organs,
  • Supervision and regulation of sponsor and advertising contracts,
  • Arranging management contracts,
  • Preparation of press employment contracts and follow-up of press employment cases,
  • Buying and selling consultancy of media companies
  • Initiating legal proceedings against slander, insulting and defamatory publications
  • RTÜK and other administrative authorities to carry out legal procedures
  • Follow-up of pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages lawsuits filed due to visual or written publications,
  • Preparation of contracts related to press law,
  • Digital advertising and copyrights in digital media
  • Injunction cases
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Defamation via Press Release

Press and broadcast way promise; It is used to express the publications made with written, visual, audio and electronic mass media on every subject. Broadcasts made by all communication channels such as radio, television, newspaper and internet are called press-broadcasting activities. The crime of slander is committed when an unlawful accusation is made about any person through the media and when the competent public authority learns about this unlawful accusation.

What is Freedom of the Press?

Freedom of the press is regulated in Article 28 of the Constitution and Article 3 of the Press Law No. 5187. Article 3 of the Press Law clearly states that “The press is free. This freedom; includes the right to obtain information, disseminate, criticize, interpret and create works.” Statements are included.

However, there is no definition of what freedom means. For this reason, there are always conflicts about what freedom encompasses. Just like every freedom has a limit, freedom of the press also has a limit. This limit is formed by other types of rights such as personal rights and privacy. Constitutional rights such as freedom of the press and privacy and personal rights conflict in case of violation of personal rights through press and broadcasting.


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