Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law​

Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

As Manyas Law, it provides services to companies in the field of Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, especially in corporate execution, with its experienced staff and ability to establish organizations in the regions, using the developing technology and bringing the related problems of its clients to a conclusion as soon as possible.

We provide services with our expert and experienced staff in matters such as enforcement proceedings, dealing with cases arising from executions, mortgage application, converting mortgages into money. Our team, which is systematically in contact with its clients in the field of enforcement and bankruptcy law, which is seen as intense and complex, produces creative and practical solutions for every event.

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What are the Lawsuits and Types in Enforcement Law?​

In disputes arising from enforcement law, there are cases that can be filed in general courts, as well as cases that can be heard in enforcement law courts. Some cases in enforcement law are as follows:

  • Cancellation and removal of objection to enforcement proceedings
  • Negative clearance cases
  • The case of termination of the tender
  • Enforcement proceedings and eviction lawsuits arising from non-payment of rent
  • Converting the pledge into cash
  • Lawsuits against the property of persons
  • Restitution lawsuit to be filed for the recovery of the debt due to the payment of the debt that is not under the threat of execution
  • Complaint case against officer treatment
  • A precautionary lien lawsuit filed to secure your receivable.

Evacuation of Leased Immovables without a Judgment

As a rule, in order for the rented immovable to be evicted, the lessor must file an eviction lawsuit against the lessee in the civil court of peace, and if he wins the case, he must follow up with a court decision and a writ of execution. The lessor can ensure that the immovable is evacuated by execution proceeding without a verdict without filing an eviction lawsuit in two exceptional cases recognized by the law. These cases are non-payment of the rental fee and expiration of the rental period.

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Services We Provide in the Field of Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

Some of the services provided by Manyas Law in the field of Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law are as follows

  • Enforcement criminal cases,
  • Bankruptcy cases,
  • Bankruptcy and enforcement appeal cases,
  • Deferment of bankruptcy cases,
  • Tender cancellation cases,
  • Lien lawsuit,
  • Execution proceedings based on writs, writs and bills of exchange 
  • Objection and cancellation of objection cases 
  • Restitution cases,
  • Remuneration lawsuits,
  • Negative clearance cases,
  • Actions for annulment of savings,
  • Registration of the receivable at the enforcement desk,
  • Evaluation of companies’ bankruptcy situations,
  • Determination of company debt situations,
  • Company recovery efforts,
  • Follow-up of receivables related to negotiable instruments or not through execution and bankruptcy, 
  • Preparation of debt settlement negotiations and settlement agreement protocols between the clients or the debtor and the counterparty, 
  • Converting the mortgage into cash,
  • Creating a draft plan during the preparation and acceptance stages of the bankruptcy process, 
  • Follow-up based on rental agreements, 
  • Evacuation of rented real estate 



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