Maritime Law

Maritime Law

Maritime Law

Manyas Law Firm provides legal assistance and consultancy services in all matters to domestic and foreign companies in the field of maritime law. He especially assists his clients in maritime commercial law, maritime transport, maritime personnel management, international contracts and universal maritime law practices.

Services Provided in the Field of Maritime Law​

Some of the services provided by Manyas Law in the field of Maritime Law are as follows:

  • Preparation of ship and yacht building contracts,
  • Making decisions to bar from the expedition,
  • Collection of fuel receivables,
  • Preparation of marina regulation,
  • Preparation of marina lease agreements,
  • Follow-up of marina receivables,
  • Execution of legal pledge decisions,
  • Preparation of ship charter contracts,
  • Disputes arising from the interpretation of the ship charter texts,
  • Legal disputes arising from the calculation of Laytime and Demurrage periods,
  • Resolution of disputes arising in the form of late or no payment in the collection of ship charter fees,
  • Ship registration and abandonment procedures at home and abroad,
  • Preparation of contracts in the field of maritime law,
  • Company closure and liquidation abroad

Turkish Ship Raising Foreign Flag

While the main thing is that Turkish ships fly the Turkish Flag, a ship with the Turkish Flag has the right to fly a foreign flag, with exceptions. However, this right is subject to certain conditions.

A Turkish ship:

– Operate for at least one year to persons who do not have the right to fly the Turkish Flag on board be left in their own name,

– The owner of the ship makes a request to fly a foreign flag,

-The laws of the state where the foreign flag is wanted to be hoisted allow this,

– If this is permitted by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and the conditions are met, it will be possible for a foreign state to fly its flag.

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Cancellation of Ship Registration and Status of Mortgaged Creditors

In the presence of certain situations in the law, the registration of the ship in the registry must be cancelled. This will be most important for mortgage lenders. First of all, if the ship is deleted from the registration, if the ship sinks without being salvaged or becomes unable to be repaired, or if it loses even one of the conditions for hoisting the Turkish Flag, it will be deleted from the registry upon request.

In the event that the ship loses one of the conditions for the Turkish Flag, the ship registry record can be deleted only with the approval of the mortgaged creditors and the third parties who have the right on the mortgage according to the records and documents in the ship registry. If the creditors in question do not consent, it is written in the registry that the right to fly the flag of the ship has been lost and this statement means the ship’s abandonment from the registry. However, if the creditor approves the deletion of the ship from the registry, this means a waiver of the mortgage and the mortgage expires with the deregistration of the ship.

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