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Labor Law

As Manyas Law, its expert team in the field of labor law provides legal support to employers and employees in all matters related to labor and social security law. Starting from the preparation of the human resources policies and procedures of our employer clients, we carry out a continuous coordination in daily contact with the relevant departments and managers of the company.

We provide support at every stage regarding all the problems experienced by employees at all levels (blue collar, white collar, senior manager) with their employers. We provide legal support for the preparation of the employment contract, severance pay, notice pay, overtime receivables, reemployment, mobbing, termination of the employment contract and obtaining the rights and receivables of all employees from their employers due to work accidents. We believe that ending disputes with an agreement is the best result for both the employee and the employer, and we strive to ensure that the rights and receivables of the employees are taken in this way as much as possible.

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Services We Provide in the Field of Employment Law

Some of the services provided in the field of Labor Law as Manyas Law are as follows:

  • Preparation of reemployment lawsuits and litigation follow-up, 
  • Preparation of service determination cases and litigation follow-up, 
  • Preparation and litigation proceedings regarding severance pay, overtime, notice indemnity and other rights, 
  • Drafting and negotiating collective bargaining agreements, 
  • Follow-up of the termination process and the subsequent litigation process, 
  • Providing consultancy and fulfillment of obligations on criminal and legal responsibilities related to work accidents and diseases, 
  • Ensuring the compliance of the working environments with the legislation in force, especially in terms of health and safety, 
  • Updating and/or rearranging employment contracts, 
  • Preparation of minutes, defense request letters, warning and termination notices specific to each concrete situation, 
  • Providing training services regarding obligations arising from the Labor Law, Social Insurance Law and Unemployment Insurance Law, 
  • Resolution of disputes related to union activities 

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Types of Business Litigation

Reemployment Litigation 

Reemployment lawsuit is the type of lawsuit filed by an employee who was dismissed without a just and/or valid reason and who is covered by job security, to return to work. The employee who will file a reemployment lawsuit should apply to the mediator within one month after the notification of the termination of the employment contract.

Wage (Salary) Claims Case   

Remuneration is the amount paid to the employee in money by his employer in return for his service. It must be paid at least once a month. An employee whose wage is not paid within 20 days from the date of payment, except for force majeure, may terminate the Employment Contract for a just cause or file a claim for the collection of the unpaid wage(s).  

Service Detection Litigation 

It is the type of lawsuit that an employee can file in the event that the employer does not make insurance notifications (employment without insurance), is not notified of the service to the institution, is reported late, or insurance premiums are insufficiently paid, despite working properly in one or more jobs as required by the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510.   

Severance and Notice Pay Case 

Termination of the employee’s employment contract in cases where the law states that he will be entitled to severance and/or notice pay (such as termination by the employer without a just and/or valid reason, termination of the employment contract by the employee for just cause, termination of the contract for reasons such as marriage-retirement-military service.) compensations entitled. If the employee’s employment contract is terminated to qualify for severance and/or notice pay, however, if these compensations are not paid by the employer, the employee may file this lawsuit for the payment of severance and notice pay receivables.   

Compensation for Deprivation of Support After Work Accidents 

It is the type of lawsuit that persons (such as his spouse, child, mother, father) who are deprived of the support and assistance of the employee who lost his life due to a work accident can file a lawsuit against the responsible parties (for example: the employer) for the compensation of the losses incurred due to the death in question. Its legal basis is Article 53/3 of the Turkish Code of Obligations. 

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