Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Law

As Manyas Law, in the field of intellectual property law; trademarks, patents, industrial design, geographical indications, integrated circuit topographies, copyrights, trade secrets, computer software, products and services specializing in research and business development activities and the ideas, processes, other intellectual and industrial property of their production and presentation. provides support for the registration and protection of values.

In addition, our lawyers provide representation services to judicial and administrative authorities for the protection of intellectual and industrial property rights of their clients, including the protection, transfer, and rental of all kinds of values subject to intellectual property on the Internet, as well as raids and seizures for precautionary or determination purposes.

Some of the services provided by Manyas Law in the field of Intellectual and Industrial Property Law are as follows:

  • Lawsuits arising from trademark, patent, industrial design and utility model rights disputes,
  • Cancellation, invalidity, compensation and unfair competition lawsuits,
  • Representation of clients before national and international authorities,
  • counterfeit lawsuits,
  • Musical works, photography, literary works, architectural works, computer software copyright cases,
  • Follow-up of cases of misuse of trade secrets,
  • Protection, transfer, rental of all kinds of values subject to intellectual property on the Internet
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Is a Compensation Case Filed for Copyright Violation?

Legal remedies are separated from material and spiritual. In other words, it will be possible for you to resort to these ways after copyright infringement. For example, it is taken into account that the owner of the work wears too much as a result of the violation. And, depending on the financial power of the party who committed the crime, the value of non-pecuniary damage is revealed.

A case for material compensation rather than a moral one may also be considered. This time, the financial loss of the owner of the work is taken into account. Again, the compensation value is determined according to the financial strength of the parties. The pecuniary compensation payments of the persons or institutions causing the violation are taken as basis.

What Are the Cases of Copyright Infringement?

In certain cases, copyright infringement occurs. In order for the violation to be evaluated from a legal point of view, these situations must be publicly exhibited. However, it will be possible to conclude cases based on proof. To list the cases before the question of what can be done in case of copyright infringement;

-Unauthorized Transactions; Basically, a violation occurs if permission is not obtained from the owner of the work. Reproduction or modification of the work in this way is prohibited. Even distribution with it or displaying it publicly is considered as a violation.

-Other operations; Even naming the work by ignoring its owner is among the violations. At the same time, it is a crime to give false information about the copyright of the work. Finally, if the copyrighted product is rented or sold, you must apply to legal action.

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