Mutlu Manyas Wheatley

Mutlu Manyas Wheatley

Areas Of Expertise

⟶ Contract Law

⟶ Commercial Law

⟶ Corporate Law

⟶ Maritime Law


Our Law Firm was founded by Attorney Mutlu Manyas Wheatley. Mutlu Manyas Wheatley has contributed to the successful completion of projects by advising Turkey’s leading companies, including ISO 500 and IMKB 100 companies, in many important projects.

Mutlu Manyas Wheatley, who has significant experience in Contract Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law and Maritime Law, specializes in the regulation of domestic and international contracts, disputes arising from contracts and commercial litigation. It provides comprehensive consultancy services to companies on their commercial activities and investments. His works are concentrated in the automotive industry, shipbuilding industry and defense industry. She has significant experience in the negotiation and preparation of contracts that constitute the main activities of companies in the shipbuilding, automotive and defense industries such as shipbuilding contracts, CKD/SKD/DKD vehicle production contracts, distribution contracts, OEM supply contracts, Undersecretariat of Defense Industry tenders. It provides comprehensive consultancy services, including joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, investment agreements, and procedures that companies need within the framework of legal regulations. Its experience and knowledge on foreign investments and foreign partnerships support the growth of companies.

Commercial Law, Company Law, Labor Law, Family Law, Contracts Law

By making valuable contributions to companies in the resolution of international disputes, it makes great contributions to resolving problems in a short time for the benefit of both parties. His international experience, negotiation skills and command of language ensure that his clients reach the best results with the least expense and the highest profit in his career of nearly 20 years. Mutlu Manyas Wheatley is fluent in English to a native level.