Erdem Manyas

erdem manyas

Erdem Manyas

Areas Of Expertise

Corporate Law

Execution and Bankruptcy Law

⟶ Administrative Law

⟶ Competition Law

⟶ International Law


Erdem Manyas graduated from Marmara University in 2010 and studied English in the UK over a year. He studied his master’s degree in Master of Business Administration in Istanbul Aydin University.

He specializes in Corporate Law, Execution and Bankruptcy Law, Insurance LawAdministrative Law, Contract Law, Commercial Law, Competition Law, International Law, Lnternational Arbitration. He works as a lawyer responsible for the execution of an average of 3000 enforcement proceedings per year.

He manages our Bursa Office  organising tasks for the team members as well as managing relationships with the clients.

He is fluent in English.