Alev Bayat

Alev Bayat

Areas Of Expertise

⟶Labor and Social Security Law

⟶Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law

⟶ Law of Obligations


Lawyer Alev Bayat,

He is a graduate of Ankara University Faculty of Law. He has extensive experience in labor and social security law, enforcement and bankruptcy law, law of obligations, litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution, trademark and patent law, commercial law, administrative and tax, consumer law, real estate law.

With its many years of experience, it has an important reputation in the field of labor law with the legal support it provides to both employers and employees. It provides services in all areas of labor law and provides consultancy on personnel transactions and determining the human resources strategies of companies.

It also advises employers and senior managers on the beginning and end of employment contracts or partnerships.

He was also entitled to the title of mediator affiliated to the Mediation Department of the Ministry of Justice, by successfully passing the Mediation exams organized by the Mediation Department.